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Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Compra verificada. I've had this deck for a couple weeks and fall in love with it more every day.

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It's great for self-discovery type readings. When I read for myself and others I like to keep the reading totally focused on the sitter. I don't like to assign card positions for others.

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Focusing on others is not empowering. The lack of courts makes this a great deck for focusing on self. Every card, no matter what position it falls in, gives a strong, empowering message that can be immediately applied to the sitter's life. So far most of my readings have been for myself as this deck does have a steeper learning curve than RWS based clones, but it's worth every minute of the pleasurable learning opportunity.

I've spent many comforting hours healing with this deck during a particularly grueling past week. I just couldn't stop laughing when 12 of Lughnasadh fell into 1st position of my modified version of the celtic cross. It's title is "Extreme Craze" and features an angry fish with teeth.

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That about summed up the day I was having: I'm finding it quite easy and affordable to find a vast amount of supplementary books to read, and even free websites. This deck will work well in any traditional spread, but I think it's FAR above average for spreads focusing on healing and self-discovery. The runes make a fantastic major arcana, developed by a people living in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, but true party people never the less. The runes are unparalleled in providing advice and comfort to weather the storms of life.

I have a cheap set of plastic runes.

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I pick out the ones that showed up in the cards and carry them in my pocket for the day. It's comforting to rub them when everything is going wrong. This is not a RWS clone. Give it a chance though, and be prepared to fall in love. I really like this deck, although I would classify it more as an oracle than Tarot. Tarot has specific parameters such as the Major Arcana, which in this deck is the 24 runes.


The minor Arcana is divided into the four Pagan major fire festivals starting with Imbolc. También existió la creencia de que las runas tenían el poder de materializar los hechizos, invocaciones o maldiciones escritos sobre determinados objetos. Rimbert relata la costumbre de echar las suertes practicada en el paganismo nórdico capítulos Tras la segunda guerra mundial Karl Spiesberger reformó este sistema.

Es frecuente en los sistemas de adivinación actuales utilizar runas grabadas en fichas de loza, guijarros, vidrios o piedras pulidas. Usando las runas históricas o inventando otras, como la runa en blanco del sistema Ralph Blum. Estos libros se titulan Futhark: Artículos con descuento.

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